Century Tub Parts

Repair parts for your popular whirlpool, tub, lift, seat and transfer chair used for hygiene and safety in nursing homes, extended care facilities, long term care facilities, assisted facilities, acute care units, and hospitals.


Whirlpool Solutions

The original whirlpool bathing and cleaning solutions formulated especially for bathing residents and cleaning bathtubs and showering equipment in long term care nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


Dermacen Boavida

Well known premium quality creams, lotions, shampoos and other personal care products used in hospitals, long term care and rehab facilities are now available in single case quantities for health professionals and the general public.

Wandering Resident

Wander Control Systems offers a complete line products for elopement notification of residents of health care facilities that tend to roam and wander. Guard doors, alert staff, secure your building with our code based user friendly wandering system.